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Yia Art Fair
Nika Sakhanberidze, Kako Topouria

22-25 October 2015

Project Artbeat curated a booth presenting works by contemporary Georgian artists Nika Sakhanberidze and Kako Topuria at Yia Art Fair.

Nika Sakhanberidze
was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1981 and currently is based in New York. Sakhanberidze established as an artist in Tbilisi, without having any professional training in the field. Since the early 90's he has been having solo as well as group exhibitions in Tbilisi, New York, London, Montreal and other. During 2008-2010 Nika Sakhanberidze studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Sakhanberidze’s practice mostly covers painting and mixed media sculpture. His work also has street art and performance art elements. Sakhanberidze’s iconic work Anbernika Stickers - a five leaf flower sticker spread as a virus. This famous 'Virus' of 2000's has been spread through Georgia and across its borders and still continues to proliferate. His 2015 series of work, commissioned by Project ArtBeat, include mixed media and Acrylic painting. The series bring together general tendencies of the artist's practice. Colour as the central subject of the artistic research, remains at focus, whereas his main artistic goal is to challenge painting as a media. Working closely with sciences such as Botanic, Oceanology and Entomology, Sakhanberidze is inspired by the colours of the sea creatures, minerals, various exotic plants and insects. In his work, he uses phosphorus and other fluorescent colours, which glow in the dark and change their shades according to the intensity of an ultraviolet ray. The artist introduces the colours popular in the Natural sciences and validates their importance in the discipline of art.

Selected solo and group exhibitions:

2015 - Diptychs, God Sticker 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Paint God 1, Project ArtBeat Moving Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2014 - Art Rules, Presidential Palace of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2011 - The Fragment of Time which is not Recorded, Center of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi; 2010 - 28 Sculptures, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK; 2006 - Black Diptychs, A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York, USA.


Kako Topuria was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1960. He lives and works in Paris, France. Topuria graduated from Tbilisi Iv. Javakhishvili State University in 1983 and started practicing painting independently, while still attending BA in Art History and Theory in his early years of studies. It was the artist's personal experience that played a significant role in his formation as an artist. Topuria works in painting, sculpture, drawing, textile and landscape design.
The artist's sculptural works are mainly grouped according to the materials used. Metal, wood, Papier-mâché, concrete, oil, acrylic, gouache - this is the list of the materials characterising Topuria's practice.

Thick colour contours outline ostensibly unmediated figures on the canvas, that leave the false impression of primitivism, while being complex in their meaning. Rough silhouettes, signs and symbols are nearly abstract and go along with the titles with no concrete meaning, but leaving the viewer to their own interpretation.

Selected solo and group exhibitions:

2013 - Les Modillons, Vindelle, France; 2012 - Galerie Lisette Alibert, Paris, France; 2012 -  Satura Art Gallery, Genoa, Italy; 2012 - Galerie Lisette Alibert, Paris, France; 2011 - Chardin Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2011 - Le Viex Presbytere, Sauvagnac, France; 2010 - Euro - Asian Center, Vienna, Austira; 2009 - Galerie Keramikum, Darmstadt, Germany; 2009 - Galerie Lisette Alibert, Paris, France; 2009 - Escape Rex, Le Pouliguen, France.