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Art Dubai 2018
Konstantin Mindadze and Lado Pochkhua

21-24 March 2018

Project ArtBeat dedicates its booth to expanding field of painting and presents works of two Georgian artists Konstantin Mindadze (b. 1977) and Lado Pochkhua (b. 1970). Both artists choose a medium of painting and its traditional techniques such as oil and acrylic paint on linen, to create works that can be placed in-between a painting and a sculptural relief or object.

Konstantin Mindadze (B. 1977, Tbilisi, Georgia) Lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Tbilisi, Georgia

Mindadze studied at Graphic Lyceum and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1995-1999. His artistic activity started with the destruction of works made during studies. There are topics, which he constantly analyzes. Synthetic structure of the world, mental and biological reactions, lifecycle and death, existence and transience, love and loss, destruction and transformation, globalization and technologies, fears and religions, consumerism and commercialism, historical facts and processes of decay are the basic themes to which the artist often returns. He usually works on several projects simultaneously. In the last few years the artist has created environmental installations for the long-term exhibitions presented in various exhibition spaces and major museums. Besides his controversial multimedia pieces, one of his signature oeuvre includes ongoing series of “fragmentations”.

 In Amsterdam he is a member of Artists and Curators association Arti et Amicitiae. In Georgia he is founder CAI (Contemporary Art Industry). Lives and works in Amsterdam and Tbilisi.

 Selected solo and group exhibitions: 2017 - Arti et Amicitiae Club, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Project ArtBeat New Space Opening, Project ArtBeat, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2014 - Plastic Idols, Writers’ House of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia; Beauty and the Beast for Salon Vakantiewerk, Society Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; 2013 - Moon Museum, Georgian National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia; Ideographic Objects, Writers’ House of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia; Things Not Seen Before, audio / visual art tribute to John Cage, Georgian National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia; Blanc Page video for Salon Grenzenloos, Society Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Art Meds LLC, Gallery Frontline, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2012 - Verb Session (Audio Sculpture), Gallery Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Light Installation and Concept Design for a show ISULINE, Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia; Gang Bang show, Gallery Box 43, Zürich, Switzerland; Video Art Travel Exhibition with new double channel animation projections, Georgian National Museum Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2011 - Cubicle – Red Version for De Salon 2011/ Going Up, Gallery Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Intoxications and Inspirational Errors - volume 1 (Technical studies – Prints and Concept) – Included in GeoAir’s; framework of Atlantis 11 at the 54th Venice Biennale at Collegio Armeno Moorat-Raphael, Pallazzo Zenobio Dorsoduro 2596 Fondamenta Del Soccorso, Venice, Italy; Excavation of Extinct Secret Artifactson Theme of Fascism, Space Installation (Drawing, Sculpture, Video), Gallery 9, Tbilisi, Georgia;  Polygonal Installation Eat Your Future included in Eco Exhibition, Europe House, Tbilisi, Georgia;  On the Way, CCA, Tbilisi, Georgia; Writing with Color, CCA, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2010 - Creations and Creative Destructions, Trilogy in Progress, Video Installations, Salon 10/11, Gallery Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, the Netherlands;  The Other Narration, 3 Day Video Art Festival, CCA, Tbilisi, Georgia; If Ever Earth will Take Him (Installation), Artisterium, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia; Fest I Nova, Art Villa Garikula, Garikula, Georgia; 2009 - Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, Poland; De Salon 09/10, Gallery Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Artisterium, Tbilisi History Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia; Transcaucasus- All & Now, Ujazdowski Castle and Kordegard Gallery, Warsaw, Poland; Werk van Nieuwe Leden, Gallery Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; 2008 - De Salon 08/09/ Art as a Painkiller, Gallery Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; 2007 - New Generation in Contemporary Georgian Art at Gallery Kopala, Tbilisi, Georgia; Square Foot Show, Art Gotham Gallery, New York, USA; 2005 - Second International Art Convention – Art Caucasus, GTC, Tbilisi Georgia; 2002 -De Kader (show and performance), Arts Place, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Works in stock, Ferry Grunning Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Undimensional Panorama of the Clones, Gallery Universe, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2000 - Cells series, Ferry Grunning Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands;  1996 - Schoorlse Kunsten, Oorsprong Gallery, Schoorldam, the Netherlands; 1994-1995 Various works, Oorsprong Gallery, Schoorldam, the Netherlands.

Lado Pochkhua (B. 1970) based in New York, USA.

Lado Pochkhua is a Georgian artist who lives and works in New York. Pochkhua graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts with a Master’s degree in Painting and Printmaking in 2001. Since then, he has lived and worked in different countries such as: Georgia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Hungary and the United States. Pochkua has been gaining academic knowledge for years. He has been interested in the experience and style of classic painters. Different periods of his work were dedicated to practicing new techniques and media. The artist uses a technique of hand drawing, works in pen and ink often on a large-format. Presentation of classical images and style in new formats is a subject of his interest. 

Selected solo and group exhibitions: 2015- Discover Georgia in New York, Chelsea Market, New York, USA; 2013- Artisterium, Georgian National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia; Random Sample, Inaugural Exhibition of Brooklyn Box Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA; 2012- Artisterium, National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Tbilisi Georgia; 2010- Future Seeking Memories, Lecture and solo show, Assumption College, Worcester, MA, USA; 2009- Extended Painting: Prague Biennale IV, Georgia Pavillion, Prague Czech Republic; 2008- Gardens, Ships and Lessons, K. Petrys Ház Gallery, Budapest, Hungary; Exhibition of Georgian Artists, Festival OFF EUROPA ditorei Gallerie NBL, Leipzig, Germany; 2003- Curriculum Vitae: a retrospective of 20th century Georgian art, Tbilisi History Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Works of these two artists create an interesting dialogue, outlining formal and conceptual aspects of contemporary painting and its endless expanding possibilities.