New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) 2018
Keti Kapanadze

5-9 December 2018

Welcome to mantic world of Keti Kapanadze’s Installation:   We are only voices of our other selves, forever lost in jam millions of cells  

In acidulous and ironic world of chiral beings, beings between Humans and Particles, referring to origin of our beginning, to origin of question: who we are and from where we came?   

Asking fundamental questions during the period of the Soviet Union, a land where everything had to be known, was not easy. Marxism already knew everything about the world, and the things Marxism didn’t know had also been established. It became difficult to ask questions under such circumstances, but if someone managed to do so anyway—using his or her talent—then he or she was confronted with questions on all levels. The relentless nature of these artistic souls lies in the fact that they never stop asking questions, questions about what kind of life will await us when we finally get there... These artists ask questions about life in its future or invisible incarnations, but also about life in its very real, substantial manifestations. The bandwidth and intensity of this mental activity are based on a specific life experience, on a life lived in a way that people like to describe using the words 'honest' and ‘full’. What this suggests is a life lived with eyes wide open, and living in this way means not focusing on those cultural phenomena that may currently be all the rage, refusing to arrange one’s life comfortably or to create a lucrative professional position, but instead focusing on pulsating life and its most urgent questions. It is these questions that give rise to real art with true, deep roots and shoots, an art that knows no compromise.