Maia Naveriani

5-9 December 2018

Maia Naveriani

“Tongue Exercises for Speechless Peaches”
 (a wall installation of a series of drawings)

The proposal for the presentation is based on Maia Naveriani’s solo show Tongue Exercises for Speechless Peaches at Project Artbeat (Tbilisi, Georgia) this year (2018 - see installation images) - a variable size wall installation consisting of drawings and inkjet prints on silk fabric.

 Notes of the artist:

“Drawing as a medium with its purely conventional nature opens to me an unlimited chance to access freely and rapidly (nearly automatically) all those infinite pictorial images our human unconscious is generating, multiplying, juxtaposing… It is bizarre and ludicrous to watch how under my pencil the odd world of irrational images build their own senses, proving in front of my eyes the Lacanian thesis which tells: the unconscious is structured as a language.

 It is a sheer pleasure for me to reflect on this manifestation and to attempt to build out of them an installation of a certain meta-language structure, obtaining a hint of an image of an ocean while watching innumerous springs and rivers coming together into oneness of the wise-senselessness.

 “Peaches are beautiful - juice-full, colour-full, taste-full, the only regret is - they can’t talk about all these with each other…”