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Contemporary Istanbul 2014
Maka Batiashvili, Irakli Bugiani, Thea Gvetadze...

12-15 November 2014

In November 2014 Contemporary Istanbul International Art Fair hosted The Blue Show - Project ArtBeat’s debut on international market. The Blue Show was also a debut for Georgian born artists to be represented by a Georgia-based gallery at CI.

The booth represented a selection of works by artists: Maka Batiashvili, Irakli Bugiani, Thea Gvetadze, Sopho Chkhikvadze and Beso Uznadze.

The concept of the booth was based upon a color, both as a theme and as a metaphor. Here different shades of the color blue echoed in the works of different media by the artists of different style and artistic approach. This is how the five represented artists belonging to different art scenes of the world met through a color at the Project ArtBeat booth.

Works by artists Maka Batiashvili, Irakli Bugiani, Sopho Chkhikvadze and Beso Uznadze can be viewed at

The Blue Show in press:

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