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Gio Sumbadze

13-22 June 2015

Curated by Mariam Loria 

The multimedia exhibition URB EX by Gio Sumbadze was held through 13-22 June, 2015 in Kutaisi. Project ArtBeat and TBC Bank administration had been working on this collaborative project for several months. The exhibition which was divided into two parts was held in two venues, at TBC Art Gallery and at Project ArtBeat Moving Gallery in Kutaisi (David Aghmashenebeli Square). The Exhibition was opened on 13th of June. 

URB EX- Urban Exploration (research on the city) is a worldwide movement. URB EX focuses on the manmade objects which create the structure, appearance and history of the city. The main subjects of the artist’s works are abandoned buildings as well as public transport and strategic objects which define the appearance of the city.

The photo series shot by Gio Sumbadze in Kutaisi (2009) where the artist focuses on the architecture was presented at TBC Art Gallery. The context of the series was composed of the building structure and the live processes which took place in the building. 20 photos were chosen from this series. The video installation - TBS Sub created especially for this project was presented at Project ArtBeat Moving Gallery. This is a documentation of Tbilisi Metro as an architectural object. The video is a part of multi-component installation.

The Project URB EX is related to the artist's latest artworks. One of the main subjects of these artworks is the documentation of space and the showing of these spaces in contrasting, opposite surroundings. The feeling of existing in various types of spaces is documented in the artist's photos and videos. Then these works are placed in the contrasting spaces. This opposition strengthens the feeling of the existence in two different locations- real and artistic.

Khatuna Khabuliani presented a lecture Contemporary Art and International Tendencies simultaneously with the exhibition URB EX in Kutaisi. 

In view of the fact that the project was made in the context of the city Kutaisi the exhibition can be entirely perceived  only during its duration through 13-22, 2015.

Gio Sumbadze is a multimedia artist. He works in photography and has video works/installations. In addition, he makes graphic design. His artworks focus on architecture and structure of the nature as well as on the architectural planning which sometimes repeats shades of the nature and even confronts them. As he says his “artworks are typological documentations of space and time”. The artist takes feedback from who/what gets into his lens. This is the main source of inspiration for him.

For further information about Sumbadze please visit the website

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photos by Gio Sumbadze and Sandro Sulaberidze