Market : Group Bouillon at Moving Gallery by Project ArtBeat / 2nd Tbilisi Triennial

25 October 2015

According to the official data, only 40% of food products made in Georgia are laboratory tested. Soil and water (the River Mashavera) research was done by National Environmental Agency in Georgia, particularly in Kazreti, 2015. The analyses show that the amount of heavy metals and iron exceeds permissible limit. Consequently we suppose that the food products from the contaminated soil which are irrigated with polluted water has negative effect on human’s health. We can say the same about live-stock production. Sufficiently big percentage of Tbilisi market is being provided with products from Bolnisi Region and accordingly our feed ration consists of these products. We would like to draw society’s attention to ecological problems in Georgia and to start a discussion about this theme with our art-action presented in the frameworks of Tbilisi Triennial at Project ArtBeat Moving Gallery. 

Group Bouillon is a collaborative art group created by young Georgian contemporary artists in 2008. Natalia Vatsadze, Teimuraz Kartlelishvili, Vladimir Khartishvili, Konstantine Kitiashvili, Ekaterina Ketsbaia and Zurab Kikvadze came together to create art inspired by the problems that affect Georgian society.  Group Bouillon choose to exhibit their art at non-institutional spaces. by using social species for their performances, they also explore the architecture and how it affects art and the problems they are exploring. 
Group Bouillon represented Georgia at Venice Biennale in 2013.


Photos by Sandro Sulaberidze for Project ArtBeat