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Project ArtBeat Presentation

10-19 October 2014

Authors: Sandro Sulaberidze, Oto Sulaberidze

Curated by Mariam Tsikaridze and Mariam Loria

On 17th October, 2014 Tbilisi Deda Ena park hosted online gallery launch and the presentation of its physical space – an industrial container as a moving gallery.

The moving container, which was located by the Mtkvari riverbank in the park, resembled a pop-up gallery for the artworks presented online. Designed by Sandro Sulaberidze and Oto Sulaberidze, the moving gallery showcased nothing but the links to the website and barcodes to the works presented at stenciled onto the walls of the container. If with a smartphone, the visitors could then automatically view the work on the website via using a special barcode reader app. Computers, tablets and other smart objects were also provided at the presentation, for those without such devices. 

While having fun with the new technologies inside the container, the public space of the park was also appropriated. Here, the wall under the Mshrali Khidi bridge was used as a projection site. The projection promoting the online gallery website covered the wall in front of the container.  The audience could enjoy the online gallery presentation not only inside of the container, but in the park as well, while enjoying a live performance of young local DJs, as well as fresh juices and fruit served.
The Moving Gallery by Project ArtBeat represents a new, experimental space for contemporary art. The Gallery is available to be moved in-between the regions of Georgia. It opened in 2014 and aims to release several art projects through a year. Project ArtBeat team and The Moving Gallery is open for collaboration with local, regional as well as foreign artists. The Project ArtBeat team develops the planning of The Moving Gallery program. It is responsible for the organization and presentation of the artists and the curated shows, as well as press and media support.


Photos by Nia Gvatua and Sandro Sulaberidze for Project ArtBeat