Changeable Landscape: Cityscape

31 August – 5 September, 2019

Moving Gallery by ArtBeat unifies three geographical locations in the western part of Georgia. Moving Gallery will be implemented by three exhibitions-in Nokalakevi, Batumi and Ozurgeti. Geographical locations in a certain way display nonmaterial-landscape cultural heritage. Collocated Moving Gallery on the background of contrast landscape will be represented by two personal and one dialogue-like exhibition. Some of the artists are represented by the gallery, some are invited. The cycle of exhibitions is united under the following caption or conception: Landscape, Cityscape, Seascape. Historic memory of Nokalakevi, post-soviet Ozurgeti and eclectic Batumi legibly denote or combine project caption. Given caption is some kind of variation of locations, which identity is determined by the landscape as a visual-semantic givenness. 

Cityscape belongs to Ozurgeti. In the post-soviet urban center of Guria the intervention of contemporary art sounds little abstract. Beso Uznadze’s abstractive paintings and photos are certain attempt of contemporary art infiltration and popularization in Ozurgeti. Thus is being created new urban-abstractive landscape amongst the notions of post-soviet and modern realities.

The project is funded by "Creative Georgia", which mission is to create an conducive environment for creative industries.

Curated by Konstantine Bolkvadze 

The project funded by "Creative Georgia".