About us

Established in 2014 by Natia Bukia, Natia Chkhartishvili and Salome Vakhania Project ArtBeat is a contemporary art gallery based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our aim is to promote carefully selected Georgian and international, mid-career and emerging artists to the international community through our online platform and international art fairs and to foster cultural activities within the country through our Moving Gallery and international collaborations. Project ArtBeat’s experimental pop up space, a Moving Gallery, which is a shipping container moves to a different location for each site-specific exhibition introducing contemporary art to peripheral regions of Georgia where museums and galleries don't function. In addition to its online art platform and Moving Gallery, in 2017 Project ArtBeat decided to open a permanent space in the heart of the old town of Tbilisi, to widen its program. 


Our Mission:

  •  Promote carefully selected Georgian and international artists globally through our online art platform, art fairs and by collaborating with international galleries.
  •   Foster cultural activities locally through organizing exhibitions at our Moving gallery, our permanent space and Georgian based art institutions.
  • Collaborate with international artists and organizations, both in Georgia and abroad.
  •  Support artists to help them participate in international competitions, art prizes and residencies;