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Kote Sulaberidze

  • Born:
    Tbilisi 1968
  • Location:
  • Education:
    Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
  • CV:
  • Represented by Gala Gallery
Kote Sulaberidze works in medium such as painting. He also creates graphic works and installations. His works imply a concept usually with humor, sign and word games. The artist touches prominent themes in his works: "Playing war", "Sky above Tbilisi", "Feast", "Caucasus", "Homeland"... Georgian feast, the Caucasus maps, Khinkali measurements – this is the reality transformed in conceptual art by the artist where everyday life with the help of hints and pictorial details is transformed into research ...

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Artworks for sale

  • Nude, 2014

    Price upon request
  • Nude, 2014

    Price upon request
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