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Misha Gogrichiani

  • Born:
    Tbilisi 1967
  • Location:
  • Education:
    Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
  • CV:
  • Represented by Gala Gallery
Misha Gogrichiani works in mediums such as painting and installations using synthetic materials. His artworks are often autobiographical. His paintings are related to small stories, vivid impressions, and current social and political problems. They remind us daily snapshots, which are sometimes grouped in series. Artist usually addresses social and political themes with an irony.

Artworks for sale

  • Billiards, 2007

    Price upon request
  • Ceiling, 1992

    Price upon request
  • Sochi Olympics, 2013

    Price upon request
  • Bird, 1994

    Price upon request
  • Policeman, 1991

    Price upon request
  • Taxi, 2001

    Price upon request
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