• 126

    Maka Batiashvili

    Maka Batiashili works in painting, book illustration, video art, documentary film. Her inspiration is derived from the moments of mundane reality that ...

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  • 84

    Irakli Bugiani

    Irakli Bugiani mainly works in painting. He also refers to the techniques of collage. For the pictures he uses old and new photos, texts about the events ...

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  • 12

    Tamuna Chabashvili

    Tamuna Chabashvili’s art practice consists of individual and collaborative projects. After graduating Jacob Nikoladze Art School, she studied at the Tbilisi ...

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  • 5

    Tamar Chaduneli

    Tamar Chaduneli is Georgian visual artist, born in 1991 in Rustavi, Georgia. She graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of arts - Media art faculty in 2013 ...

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  • 12

    Sopho Chkhikvadze

    Sopho Chkhikvadze mainly works in painting. Her artworks are similar to cuts from real life or films. Sometimes Sopho’s characters are represented in ...

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  • 40

    George Gagoshidze

    George Gagoshidze works in mediums such as painting and drawing. His works are inspired by the mountainous landscapes, the environment in which the artist ...

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  • 29

    Mamuka Japharidze

    Mamuka Japharidze (born in 1962, in Tbilisi) lives and works in Tbilisi and UK. The medium of his works changes according to the context and environment ...

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  • 38

    Gvantsa Jishkariani

    Gvantsa Jishkariani is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. After studying at Tbilisi State Academy of Art (BA in Architecture) she gained an Informal MA in Inclusive ...

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  • 66

    Tamo Jugeli

    Tamo Jugeli is a young, Georgian emerging artist born in 1994. During 2013-2017 she studied Journalism at David Aghmashenebeli University of Georgia and ...

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  • 32

    Keti Kapanadze

    Keti Kapanadze was born in Tbilisi in 1962 . While still a student at the Art Academy in Tbilisi, she produced her first conceptual graphical and photo ...

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  • 2

    Lado Lomitashvili

    Lado Lomitashvili was born in 1994 in Tbilisi, Georgia, where he lives and works. He studied at the Department of Architecture at Tbilisi State Academy ...

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  • 70

    Avto Meskhi

    Avto Meskhi, due to his introvert personality and moreover his tragic life is a lesser-known painter in Georgia and abroad. Accordingly, Private Acquaintance, ...

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  • 36

    David Meskhi

    David Meskhi is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany. He was born in 1979 in Tbilisi, Georgia. After gaining a Master’s Degree in Hydro ecology, Meskhi ...

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  • 30

    Levan Mindiashvili

    Levan Mindiashvili was born in 1979 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Mindiashvili emerged as an artist in Germany, while starting to participate in various art-related ...

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  • 134

    Maia Naveriani

    Maia Naveriani studied under Gia Edzgeveradze before completing her formal training at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tbilisi. Having moved to London, in 1989, ...

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  • 47

    Lado Pochkhua

    Lado Pochkhua is a Georgian artist who lives and works in New York. Pochkhua was born in Sukhumi, 1970 during the Soviet period. In 1993, he graduated from ...

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  • 17

    Nata Sopromadze

    Nata Sopromadze is a Tbilisi based Georgian photographer. After her graduation from the School of Documentary Photography - Sepia in 2007 she founded a ...

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  • 41

    Gio Sumbadze

    Gio Sumbadze is a multimedia artist. He works in photography and has video works/installations. In addition, he makes graphic design. His artworks focus ...

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  • 45

    Maya Sumbadze

    Maya Sumbadze is a multimedia artist who works in painting, drawing, video, installation, audio, computer graphics. Artist takes inspiration from childhood ...

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  • 12

    Kako Topouria

    Kako Topouria studied art history at the University and started practicing painting independently during the first years of studies. It was the artist's ...

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  • 61

    Beso Uznadze

    Beso Uznadze’s artistic oeuvre started as a portrait photographer. With his photos the artist managed to depict personalities of his sitters, showing ...

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