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About the artwork

Konstantin Mindadze’s series “fragmentation” is related to the issues of life cycle and creates endless series of fragments, composed of different types of fragments. The series is based on philosophical ideas, which strive to make Equilibrium balance with minimalist shapes. The work is formed by different shaped fractured planes and creates a painting which is performed with the utmost precision. The works are perceived as sculptural objects by the author. Fragmented planes represents a continuation of one another, the distance between them and the empty space participate in the creation of the complete look of the artwork.

About the artist

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Konstantin Mindadze

Konstantin Mindadze is a multimedia artist. Paintings, drawings, sculpture and video are part of larger projects, which are often installed in large-scale facilities. He is sometimes also a sound artist for his environmental installations. The artist studied at Graphic Lyceum and Rietveld Academy. His artistic activity started with the destruction of works made during studies. There are topics, ...

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