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About the artwork

The series of Gio Sumbadze’s photos represented here expresses its meaning by stories, words and visual signs appeared between images and titles. Different languages, words and impressions taken from the photos that are associated with each other create connections. This process is similar to a game where words are important details to create a whole image of the artworks. The artist often concerns issues such as internet and other usual events from everyday life.

winternet - car footprints are visible on the snowy road in winter. If you make an observation the same principle works here as in the internet network – footprints of different cars cross one another and carry different information: Who was it? When? Whose footprint did it cross?

About the artist

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Gio Sumbadze

Gio Sumbadze is a multimedia artist. He works in photography and has video works/installations. In addition, he makes graphic design. His artworks focus on architecture and structure of the nature as well as on the architectural planning which sometimes repeats shades of the nature and even confronts them. As he says his “artworks are typological documentations of space and time”. The artist takes ...

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