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About the artwork

Natela Grigalashvili has been working on the series the Doukhobors in Georgia since 2013. Whilst working on this project, the artist became acquainted with the Doukhobors and was introduced to their day-to-day life and activities. Artist penetrated into the interesting close cultural circle and entirely broke down the social barriers. Grigalashvili took numerous photos. Afterwards she chose the best ones for the series.

Two centuries ago the Doukhobors settled in Javakheti, Southern Georgia. They wear colorful clothes and believe that supernatural forces brought them to this land. There were several Doukhobor villages in Javakheti, but only 150 people are left there now. They tend to have a particular, unique attire that cannot be encountered in any other part of Georgia. For instance, they wear brightly colored clothes at a funeral. The Doukhobors try to make everything on their own. Preserving different traditions and rules of life is a difficult process.

About the artist

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Natela Grigalashvili

Natela Grigalashvili was born in Khashuri, Georgia. Her childhood dream was becoming a cinematographer but photography turned out to be a media which brought more comfort to the artist. Artist was introduced to photography in various studios and established as a photographer after working independently for years. From the 1990s Grigalashvili has been participating in different exhibitions and art ...

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