Gio Sumbadze

URB EX Series: National Youth and Children’s Palace of Georgia, Kutaisi, Georgia, 2009


26 cm x 39 cm

Price upon request
Edition of 3
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About the artwork

Gio Sumbadze’s project URB EX is related to the artist’s latest artworks. One of the main subjects of these works is the exploration and documentation of space. The artist focuses on the architecture. The context of the series is composed of the building structure and the live processes which take place in the building.

About the artist

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Gio Sumbadze

Gio Sumbadze is a multimedia artist. He works in photography and has video works/installations. In addition, he makes graphic design. His artworks focus on architecture and structure of the nature as well as on the architectural planning which sometimes repeats shades of the nature and even confronts them. As he says his “artworks are typological documentations of space and time”. The artist takes ...

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