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About the artwork

The series, as majority of the artist’s art, is inspired by autobiographical events that find their resolution in his art. The artist channels his vulnerability to create complex imagery that plays on the notions of revealing and concealing and expresses the complexity of human emotional spectrum…the encounters that arouse contradictory feelings, collisions that deeply shake the soul and then memories that sediment as ephemeral visions…

Beso Uznadze: ‘The series depicts one object seen through different gazes… delighted or petrified, content or hurt… yet, these are solely flowers. The bird said it’s a carpet, the rich man said it’s gold, the ant said it’s home, the donkey said it’s delicious. I say these are flowers… extremely beautiful flowers.’

About the artist

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Beso Uznadze

Beso Uznadze’s artistic oeuvre started as a portrait photographer. With his photos the artist managed to depict personalities of his sitters, showing both their vulnerability and strength. The viewer was able to sense the invisible connection between him and his models and become part of the dialogue, which occurred during the photo shoot. In 2016 Uznadze started working for him in a totally ...

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