Maya Sumbadze

Untitled, 2014

Digital Print

28 cm x 40 cm x 4 cm


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About the artwork

Maia Sumbadze’s works are often distributed into groups based on the used materials and applied texts. One of such series includes works that are united under the title “Love You”. Here the text is combined with different objects: a telephone, a typing machine, a sofa, and creates different contexts for the words at the same time triggering different emotions.

About the artist

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Maya Sumbadze

Maya Sumbadze is a multimedia artist who works in painting, drawing, video, installation, audio, computer graphics. Artist takes inspiration from childhood memories, imprinted in mind images, outside colors, shapes, lighting and sound. Different atmospheres created in everyday life, various works of art and working materials inspire her and dictate the artist how to form a picture. Her works often ...

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