The Moment of Narcissism
Maka Batiashvili

13 December 2019 – 26 January 2020

Project ArtBeat is pleased to present Maka Batiashvili’s solo exhibition, The Moment of Narcissism.

“It is a moment in which we focus at ourselves, which is illusory and instant, where on the one hand we are represented and on the other our idealized self. Posing and fixing our appearance is what we call our daily life.
At this moment men enjoys with its charm, focusing on sensations and appreciates visual world. This is a moment when human approaches his or her inner, non-material world most closely or oppositely getting farer, runs away and puts a mask temporary.
It happens when we look at the mirror, when we are at the street and looking at vitrine of shops while we are glancing our reflections on it and especially when we pose at photo shootings.
Today when we live in digital world and own social networks, we have an amazing possibility to represent the best version of ourselves. Here is place where imaginary and real life meets each other and after all everything becomes as information chaos.
Represented works are created by observing and speculating with these moods... and narcissism is considered not as a human flaw but as logical expression of personal identity and controlling of own state”. - Maka Batiashvili

Maka Batiashili works in painting, book illustration, video art, documentary film. Her inspiration is derived from the moments of mundane reality that usually turn into important visual images. The artist grasps moments from the ordinary situations, which find participants on the verge, where keeping balance is required. Key concept for Maka is a person surrounded with the emotional environment and things, who constantly balances the situation and never crosses the limits.

Colored spots on a neutral background are clearly readable. Processing of simple shapes of the drawings is easily observable. Works are dominated by bright colors and simple compositions. The pictures created with tusche on paper are charged with energy.